Patient Portal

How to Access Our Patient Portal

First Time User: Access our Patient Portal is present on our website and the iconby clicking on the link below.

To enter, you should have provided us with your e-mail address, as this will be your login. You will also need your account number, which was provided either on the procedure report on else in person.

After clicking on the red door of the Patient Portal, to create a new account, click on Select User Type = “as a Patient.” This will take you through steps and will give you access to information in your chart.

hould you have difficulty creating an account, it is either because your e-mail address was entered wrong in our system, and it is not matching what you are entering, or else your account number is wrong. In either case, please call our office to verify your e-mail address and account number. Once your account is created, simply login to the portal using your email and password

Terry C. Lin D.O., INC

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