On this page we hope to answer the most frequent questions we recieve about Dr Lin, his practice, and the Endoscopys he performs. If you have a question that was not answered here please email one of our staff members, or give our office a call.

Dr Lin is a fully qualified and licensed Medical Doctor.Briefy D.O. stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Both D.O.’s and M.D.’s are licensed to practice the full scope of medicine including the ability to order diagnostic testing, prescribe medication, and perform surgery. In addition to the standard medical school curriculum, however, D.O.’s recieve additional training in Osteopathic philosophy and Osteopathic manipulative therapy.

Yes, it is required that all patients be seen in office prior to any procedures.

We do not have in-house billing. All billing questions need to be directed to our billing company:   Phycom (888)582-0814

If you need your medical records for personal use please contact Jamilet to schedule a time to pick up your records. If you are requesting medical records be sent to a Doctor besides your Primary Care you will need to fill out a medical release form or send a fax/email with your name, DOB, Records you need released as well as who to release them to, with your signature.

Please note that if you have a large chart a copy fee may apply, or a record copy service may need to be sent out.

Please give at least 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an office appointment. If an appointment is not canceled and you no show, there may be a $50.00 fee. For all procedures cancelled not within the 72 hour window a $100 fee may incur.

In order to be seen you must bring your insurance cards with you along with your photo ID, referral, and copay. You can either download the new patients forms on our website or fill them out when you come in.

You should bring all pertinent medical records, imaging results including actual films, blood work, etc. This information is important to help Dr Lin understand you medical history as well as diagnosis and offer treatment options.

The records that come from other Doctors’ office are the property of that physician’s office and only you can give authority to have those records transferred. You must first sign a release form(available at your referring physicians office or ours) and ask that those records be sent to us. The best way to ensure that your office visit is the most productive is to bring you old records with you to your initial visit with us.

Dr. Terry Lin’s office will obtain any prior authorizations that may be needed for your procedure. Any deductibles, co-pay’s, and out of pocket expenses is the responsibility of the patient to find out.

Yes, You should take all hypertension and cardiac medications at your usual times with a small amount of water.

In general, you should expect to be there about 3 hours. This includes check-in, procedure, and recovery.

Dr. Terry Lin only offers a prescription called Movi-Prep along with a 10oz. Bottle of citrate of magnesium. Unless there are insurance coverage issues. In that case patients will be prescribed Golytely or Trilyte. The pill prep is not offered.

Jell-O and Kool Aid have artifical colors that may discolor the fluid in the colon and give the appearance of blood in the colon. Cranberry juice does not have artifical coloring so it will not discolor the preparation. Other fruit juices that are not red or other types of Jell-o are acceptable to take on the day of the Prep.

Terry C. Lin D.O., INC

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